Melanie Madden
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Age: 23
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'0
Measurements: 33C-25-35
Status: Single
Favorite Color: Black

Bio: Melanie Madden comes from Oklahoma City, OK where she says she grew up listening to Garth Brooks and everyone she knew said "ma'am" and "howdy". She says all of that politeness turned her into bad boys and she has quite the wild girl streak! Don't let her sweet innocent face and librarian glasses fool....always watch out for the quiet ones! Melanie has such a wild streak that she works at an adult store and loves every minute of it. By day, she is a secretary and by night she is a complete exhibitionist. Although she is a wild child, she takes her job very seriously and loves to be in the know about all of the new toys and knows all about every fetish (and she has her favorites)! Melanie Madden is a true next-door girl (but you don't know what goes on behind closed doors)!
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