Kristina Fischer
Hometown: Jackson, WY
Age: 19
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3
Measurements: 34A-25-35
Status: Single..Woohoo
Favorite Color: Pink (i'm kinda girlie and kinda not)

Bio: Don't call Kristina a country bumpkin because she is nothing like a down home cookin' type girl and she HATES that stereotype. Although she grew up in a small, rural and outdoorsy town in the North, she loves everything about California, New York and Las Vegas. Kristina is a fast paced go-getter and hates the slow pace of her hometown. Kristina says she is "kinda girlie girl and kinda not", because she has just started training to be a female boxer. She hopes to make it big and travel around the country (and world) in matches. She really wants to get out, see the world and kick a little ass while she's doin' it!
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