Ryann Reeves
Hometown: Napa Valley, CA
Age: 22
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'7
Measurements: 34B-28-34
Status: Boyfriend
Favorite Color: Pink and Brown
Bio: Ryann Reeves loves two things...wine and people who buy her wine! Growing up in the beautiful wine country of northern California, Ryann was destined to be a wine-o! She loves wine so much that she even works at a winery on the weekends and really enjoys being surrounded by fellow wine drinkers. Given how much wine she drinks, it is no suprise that Ryann is a party animal and never misses an opportunity to let her hair down and get crazy. She has a boyfriend, but has no intention of settling down anytime soon (she says she has too much partying to do and she wants to experiment with lots of things)!
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