Ariana Thomas
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Age: 19
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'3
Measurements: 35B-25-35
Status: Single and Lovin' It!
Favorite Color: Pink (I'm Girly)
Bio: This wild child is no southern belle! Ariana Thomas desperately wants to shake her southern accent and be a typical California girl. Fresh out of high school, Ariana is taking acting lessons and classes and wants to make it big in L.A. She is working her way through her classes as a make up artist and model (but she still makes time for cute guys)! You would never believe that behind those cute dimples there is a dirty little wild child dying to come out! Ariana is up for anything fun (like threesomes and motorcycles) and she especially hates wearing panties. We don't care where she is from, we just wanna see more!!
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